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This compilation of computer vision is really interesting to watch if you imagine seeing it without the source footage behind the computer graphics. I really like the description Kyle McDonald gives in the comments of the aesthetic qualities of computer vision graphics and will add to it myself:

“color choices tend toward high contrast saturated primaries (easy colors to code), almost no text (it’s never descriptive, only enumerative), trails are used to show history, ellipses and rectangle/bounding boxes are used as placeholders for complex shapes…”


Robot readable world from Timo on Vimeo.

When discussing the new book Collage Culture that he worked on with Chandler McWiliams, Brian Roettinger said that they realized the only way to make something devoid of reference is to use software to generate it. So the human maintains some control but the machine creates it. This relates to what I was I thinking about in terms of crafting a narrative automatically or in partnership with a machine. They used compositional rules as a starting point for generating an image and eliminated the selective input of the artist, but also brought the hand aesthetic into the machine aesthetic.