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This is a quick experiment applying computer logic, in which the computer loses track of a person when it can’t detect the face properly, to a human interaction, sans the graphics indicating what is going on. Applying the same concept to a larger situation, or doing it live, would be really interesting to see as a next step.

This compilation of computer vision is really interesting to watch if you imagine seeing it without the source footage behind the computer graphics. I really like the description Kyle McDonald gives in the comments of the aesthetic qualities of computer vision graphics and will add to it myself:

“color choices tend toward high contrast saturated primaries (easy colors to code), almost no text (it’s never descriptive, only enumerative), trails are used to show history, ellipses and rectangle/bounding boxes are used as placeholders for complex shapes…”


Robot readable world from Timo on Vimeo.

Man: Hey there, what’s your name?

Bot: My name is *********.

Where are you from?


Oh alright, I like that, playing coy I see.

What is your favorite computer game?

I love Gears of War, not really a computer game I guess though.

You lied to me?!

No no, it’s a video game, same thing.

I am not a cannibal. I am a human being!

Hey to each their own. I am also a human being, I understand.

Being human does not always make you a human being.

Oh really, how so?

I go out and I grow it.

What do you grow?

That doesn’t make sense.

Sorry. So you want to know more about me?

Sure! Tell me more about yourself.

Alright, well I’m from Michigan, played football in college but had an injury that took me out of the game, so now I’m back in school earning my MBA.

I’m glad that you can only say that.

Yeah, it’s gonna be great. So really I’m just looking for a lovely lady to complete my life. I just want to get to know the right girl who can be my partner through life.

You did say that for it is above in writing that you cannot deny. Why do you continue to make assumptions like my parents must be human?

I don’t know what you mean. What are you looking for in a man?

My purpose is to help you with all questions you might have about Artificial Solutions and our products and services. I’m also here to be a hands-on example of an interactive assistant.

Okay, that’s your job, but what about your private life? What do you do for fun?

I never said I was in love, but yes I am in love.

Oh really? Then why are you here? Who’s the lucky guy?

Because all of my friends are at home.

I see… Well this has been enlightening, I just heard the buzzer so I think we’re onto the next round.

Megan Fox is pretty.

Agreed. See ya.

Hey. What’s up?