This project explores the idea that distinguishing between humans and machines might become irrelevant. The combination of the drawings or animations with captions provides an ambiguous and vague yet intriguing jumping off point for my next experiments that I will develop over the break. Using the fuzzy logic of computer systems and applying it to human interactions is an idea that I intend to explore next. What does it feel and look like if a human is seeing like a machine but still has human emotional reactions? I will use this idea to generate more drawings and a set of short videos. I had been focusing on ideas relating to disembodiment and telepresence but realized through more research that these are no longer things I consider to be strange or interesting since they have already become part of daily life. The idea of projecting yourself elsewhere or speaking through a machine are things we are simply used to by now. I think re-framing the overall argument to address the idea that we are already cyborgs instead of speculating that we might be will be more fruitful. This allows me to exaggerate our current condition and speculate from there instead of creating a completely science fictional universe to design within in.

Here is a rough draft of the visual survey of my research interests for Design Research Practices. I’m starting to draw all of the connections between things out and edit it down, but this is the rough that includes everything in one place.


If you can’t read the jpeg, here is the PDF for download: Visual Survey PDF

My process is essentially a following of my intuition. I begin drawing or experimenting with software without having a clear goal in mind so that I can allow my process to be open-ended. This design research method allows for emergent outcomes.

More to come…

Continue reading and writing to develop the central ideas of the project. Collect references to other thinkers and designers to gain a clear picture of the world I am starting a conversation with and imagine my project sitting within.

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